Review of Perman’s What’s Best Next


Countless self-help books have been written to satisfy Americans’ seemingly insatiable therapeutic desires. But few genres of self-help have had as many cacophonous voices as the genre of personal management and productivity.

In spite of this diversity, there has been strikingly little reflection or publication from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Matt Perman’s What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done is an attempt to remedy this shortcoming. It is “a book about getting things done and making ideas happen, with less friction and frustration, from a biblical perspective” (17). The uniqueness of Perman’s book lies in its thoughtful biblical perspective.  In What’s Best Next he presents a compelling model of Gospel-Driven Productivity (GDP), which places the gospel at the center of both personal leadership (the what and why of productivity) and personal management (the how of productivity).

If one were permitted to read only one book on productivity, a strong case could be made that What’s Best Next ought to be that book. Perman demonstrates a keen interest in and self-evident mastery of the subject on which he writes. His book, therefore, in many ways stands at a pinnacle in productivity literature: aware of established orthodoxy but looking forward to an improved paradigm. Perman effectively distills wisdom from over fifty years of management and productivity literature, bring to bear much of the best from men such as Peter Drucker, Steven Covey and David Allen.

The book itself is well worth reading.  For any overview and evaluation, you can read my review here.