Spring 2017 Issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology

Midwestern Seminary released its Spring 2017 issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology, entitled “Scholarship for the Church,” on May 1, featuring works by several of the school’s doctoral students. The spring edition addresses topics such as the transformation and thinking of Augustine, Spurgeon’s stance on slavery, ethnically-diverse church membership, and the concept of familial covenants.

President Jason Allen said of the Journal’s recently-released edition, “This edition of the Midwestern Journal of Theology is a particularly rewarding one. To offer our readers a glimpse into the types of scholars that God is raising up, and who are being educated and mentored here at Midwestern Seminary, should be deeply encouraging. This next generation of students is extremely bright academically, but even more crucial is their heart for ministry. They truly love the Word of God and are desiring to serve him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

You can download the Spring 2017 issue of Journal here.